Making the Cloud work for Education.

The Suite

Meet the family. Just some of the reasons schools love TileAcademy.

SAAS Software for Schools

tile academy hub

In just a few clicks you can create tiles that bookmark links to Webpages, Images and Videos. Pin Google and Office 365 documents on a collection and streamline sharing.
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tile academy apps

TileAcademy Apps integrates with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to provide your users with access to their school applications through any modern web browser on any device.
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tile academy files

TileAcademy Files allows you to present OneDrive, Google Drive and data stored on school servers as a single unified drive letter. Importantly, it looks and behaves just like a traditional drive.
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tile academy flex

Quickly pin websites to collections and store usernames and passwords to over 100 popular websites. When you visit a site, it will automatically sign you in, so you don’t need to remember the password.
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Who is behind tileacademy?

We’re on a mission to deliver and help transform education to meet the needs of a digital generation. TileAcademy is our flagship tool to support digital learning in the classroom. We have a deep understanding of the positive impact that technology can deliver for curricula and so we work closely with schools to scope IT proposals that are based on current evidence and deliver great student experiences as well as improved education outcomes. We also partner closely with Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Aruba to provide a complete IT solution to schools, colleges and FE institutions.