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Using Collections

In this guide we walk you through how to add new collections and change collection appearances using TileAcademy collaborative education tools. 

Using Tiles

This user guide covers everything you need to get started using the free tools used and loved by students and teachers across the country.

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A step by step guide to logging in to TileAcademy

Whether you’re logging in as a standalone user or as part of an organisations licence, this guide provides all the details on how to get started.


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A simple guide on how to set and manage your user settings

This simple guide shall walk you through each process, from adding and removing providers to setting multi-factor authentication. 



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    Can I log into my Google account and Microsoft account so that I can access files from both?

    Yes, you can. Once you have connected your providers, you use any of them to log in to TileAcademy and access files from the others. For example, you can log in with your Microsoft account and access files from Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive – or you could even log in with your organisation account and access files from both Microsoft and Google.

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    Can I create a collection and “assign” it to all the students, so it shows up in their collections?

    Users can find any collection shared with them in their Hub. Simply share your collection with your students and it will automatically appear for them..

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    How do I view all my files from School/Office365/Google?

    Any of your files can be accessed via the Files section.

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    Can I make my collection public, so that any teacher can use it?

    Yes, public collections can be viewed by anyone and are read only. The only one who can edit it or make changes is the person who created it.

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    Can I share a collection with teachers outside my organisation or school?

    Yes, anyone can view a public collection. If you wish to restrict access to specific people, they will need to be members of a group in your organisation and the collection should be shared with that group in the organisation.

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    Can I share a collection I’ve created with certain staff members, like all the English teachers?

    Yes. When sharing the collection at the organisation level, you can specify the groups that you want to share with.

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    Can I bookmark other people’s tiles and/or collections?

    Yes. Go to your Hub and Search Community, then browse and/or pin any of the search results.

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    Can I see other people’s collections?

    Anyone can view public collections, and you will also be able to view collections that are shared with you from others in your organisation.

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    How do I share my collection with students? What access can I set on collections?

    Within a collection, click on the Share button and select one of the following options:

    • Private – The collection is not shared and you are the only person that can view and edit it.


    • Organisation – The collection is viewable by the groups (such as classes or students) in your organisation that you specify. Members of those groups will be able to view the collection but not make changes.


    • Public – The collection is viewable publicly to anyone on the internet. Anyone will be able to view the collection but not make changes.