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Take the “umm” out of Summer

In this free webinar, IT and Network Managers will be given a guided tour on how to use TileAcademy to save time and support teaching staff with on-premises and cloud storage, Student and School Data Security and SSO, and the remote sharing and collaboration of files and resources.

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During This Free Training, We’ll Cover:

The everyday problems faced by IT professionals within the education sector and how TileAcademy tools help!

tileacademy hub

For staff who want a central workspace to collaborate and share mixed resources! TileAcademy Hub brings it all together.

tileacademy apps

For staff to be able to work from home at a moment’s notice! TileAcademy Apps has your back.

tileacademy files

Are teaching staff getting confused between on-premise and cloud storage? Not a problem for TileAcademy Files.

tileacademy flex

If you are constantly getting dragged away from your desk to help a class log into a website or reset passwords! There’s TileAcademy Flex for that.


Best Practices from 20 Years working in the education sector 

Since 2001, Scott has helped the education sector find innovative ways to use ICT within their schools and academies. In this webinar, he will be sharing TileAcademy’s tried and true methods with you. See you there!


Ready to simplify your workload?

September 21st 2021

2pm BST

September 21st 2021

2pm BST